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5 Tips For Starting A Beverage Program

If you are starting a new beverage program for your hotel, restaurant or other hospitality area, here are five valuable tips for launching a successful beverage program:

Research Your Market

Before you start, be sure to do research on the trends in the area and the competitive landscape.

Set Your Goals

Determine What Success Looks Like For Your Beverage Program, Both Short-term And Long-term.

Craft Your Offerings

Consider What Types Of Beverages You Plan To Offer And How You Want Them To Be Presented.

Reach out for help

Leveraging the right partners can make a huge difference in the success of your program.

Monitor progress

Regularly track sales, customer feedback, and other data points to measure success and adjust as necessary.

With the right planning and IMI experts by your side, your beverage program is up and running in no time.

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