IMI Manage Bevcalc

Achieve beverage cost control for hospitality, restaurants and bars

Easy-to-use online beverage calculator

IMI Manage BevCalc is designed to make it easy for you to manage your beverage costs and recipes and get ideal price cocktail price points. Get access to various cocktail recipes, break down ingredient costs with an easy-to-use calculator, and optimize drink prices with a comprehensive list of cost summaries.

Create your ideal beverage costs

Explore the recipes and details you need to find your ideal price point for cocktails.

Create your ideal beverage costs

Key Features

Key Features Include:

Easy, mobile-friendly access to beverage information

Ability to view multiple recipe types

Granular permissions at the corporate and local levels

Segmented recipes by house-made, cocktail, and batch

Easy navigation, search and filters

Recipe cards and cocktail cost list summaries

Corporate reporting to view all recipes by location

Customizable FAQs for helping employees stay compliant with pricing

Use the beverage cost calculator

Get the prices you need instantly for cocktail, house made or batch recipes with ease. Simply input ingredients, garnishes and recipe instructions and get your suggested costs. With the intuitive design, you’ll have no problem navigating your way through all of its features. Ultimate beverage cost control for hospitality, restaurants and bars.