about us

With a commitment to beverage excellence, increasing beverage sales and profits, we strive to serve our clients in the best way possible. We focus on partnership, whether collaborating on innovative cocktail creations, creating effective staff training and rewards programs, or providing operations consulting to F&B Managers. As passionate advocates of service and quality, we have emerged as leaders in the chain operator hospitality, eCommerce and retail channels as the trusted third-party agency.

At IMI, we have been dedicated to Building Better Beverage Business™ since 1989, earning the trust of countless clients along the way. We are the connectors, building relationships between our clients and beverage partners in the channels. Our core values center around personal and professional ethics, utmost financial transparency, and unwavering adherence to the myriad of rules governing our restricted environment. These principles set us apart and establish us as the trusted fiduciary beverage marketing, data and fintech agency.

Our Team

IMI is proud of our talented Team, comprised of ex-hospitality operators, beverage marketers, experienced data analysts and cutting edge fintech developers. We combine this collective experience and deliver on Building Better Beverage Business™ for our clients. We are a multi-generational family business dedicated to diversity and inclusion across all disciplines.

From our longest client relationship (35+ years) to our recent customer joining the IMI family, IMI works hard day in and day out to maximize beverage opportunities in the hospitality, eCommerce and retail channels. Reach out to us to meet our Teammates.

Working as a fiduciary agency is in everyone’s best interest and defines our role as your partner, allowing exciting and unexpected opportunities to flourish.

Why choose IMI for your beverage needs

Beverage marketing and
consulting agency serving chain
hospitality operators since 1989

Largest client-customized beverage program management organization in the hospitality segment

Pioneers in developing creativity-meets-technology solutions that drive sales, margins and operational superiority

Proven track record for creating innovative, effective spirits, beer, wine and nonalcoholic beverage programs that consistently exceed client expectations

Work With IMI

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community-first. giving back.

We believe in supporting our community. That’s why IMI co-founded CORE: Children of Restaurant Employees, a national non-profit that provides financial relief to food and beverage workers and their families in times of health crises, injuries, deaths or natural disasters. Throughout the year, our team dedicates time and resources to support this wonderful organization.